Did you recently go to a Lebanese restaurant and wish you knew how to make hummus and kebabs on your own? Or are you currently living abroad and really miss authentic Lebanese food from back home? This blog is your solution. Welcome to My Lebanese Market.

My Lebanese Market is not only a place to learn how to make terrific Lebanese food, it is a community of Lebanese food lovers, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or religion. It’s about those who love eating it, making it, and sharing it. With a few items in your shopping cart, you can create great Middle Eastern food and delight your guests.

My name is Cecile Arsan. I am French-American and I will teach you – from a non-Lebanese perspective – how to create the most famous & fabulous Lebanese recipes. I may thrown in a few French family recipes here and there as well…

I would love to hear back from you, so please add comments & feedback: Did you recently try making a Lebanese dish for the first time and how did it turn out?


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  1. Sami O says:

    Cecile I just realized that you had this blog going on for some time! It looks great :) We’ll be checking it for recipes :)