Ingredient: Tahini

October 14th, 2009 by Cecile Arsan Leave a reply »
    So what exactly is tahini? Can’t I just make hummus without tahini?There are many ingredients used in Middle Eastern cuisine that are not common in the Western world, one of which is tahini.


    Hummus without tahini is like guacamole without sour cream. Tahini gives hummus its distinctive nutty flavor as well as silky smooth texture. You can use tahini to make various dips such as hummus and babaghanouj as well as many sauces to accompany asparagus, fish, chicken, lamb and more.

    Tahini (aka. sesame seed paste) has an oily, creamy texture. You can find it in Middle Eastern grocery stores.

    Essentials: make sure you buy 100% ground sesame. Cheaper brands may contain peanut and peanut butter, so make sure you buy quality sesame seed tahini. While you are at the grocery store, make sure you also get Arabic/pita bread as well as extra virgin olive oil.


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